Our Power Support

Our talented team of dedicated technical personals for field maintenance & network support, are the spine of Computer Source. We only offer best-in-class IT products, IT hardware solutions to ensure that your business is never interrupted. An anticipative understanding of the market need have driven Computer Source to stay ahead in selecting the appropriate product and adapting them effectively. This has helped us to keep our customers abreast with the current products and technologies...

Unbeatable prices

We provide laptop and computers on rental basis. According to the client’s need . Affordable price and quality make Computer source to stand on your choice..

Efficient delivery and service within hours

When our team work sufficiently, you save time and money. Efficiency is a priority on all aspects of your project.

Hire products of top brand

When you Rent a Laptop from Computersource, you immediately have access to some of the best brands in the industry. Our range includes HP, Dell, Lenovo,...

Upgraded, pre-tested machinery & equipments

Every desktop we test is put through a series of synthetic benchmarks to gauge its CPU, graphics, SSD and overall performance..

Wide range and latest technology desktop computer

At Computer Source, we provide you with integrated and branded Desktops Laptop on Rent. We ensure complete control over the quality of the integrated desktops.

Excellent technical support & computer maintenance

Computer Source is nestled as a technical leader in the Internet, networking, web based technologies and messaging and Technical Support..

Whats We Offers

Providers of Business Computers and networking devices on rent.

Laptop Solutions

IBM, Compaq, HCL, Toshiba, Samsung, HP & Dell make

Desktop Solutions

HP, IBM, & Dell assembled pcs

Pritnter solutions

Hi- speed Laserjet , Network, Inkjet

Server solutions